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CROSS-CHANNEL (2009) is a mystery centred on two English brothers travelling by ferry from England to France.

They catch the suspicious eye of another passenger who overhears some of their conversations and begins obsessively to form his own views about the true purpose of their journey.

This onlooker has purposes and needs of his own and these become entwined with the story of the brothers, influencing his interpretation of the story he pieces together and narrates to the audience.

When the narrator disembarks at Ouistreham and continues his own journey to Caen, he seems still to ‘see’ the continuing story of the brothers as it unravels in other parts of the city, even to have some effect on it, as if ‘playing God’.

Two French girls also play a part in this narrative of the night, summoned perhaps by the narrator himself to cross the path of the two brothers who he suspects are involved in criminal activity.

CROSS-CHANNEL is a puzzle about motives, innocence and desire, but it is also about the sea and the elements, and about a suspended space and time imposed by the pace of the ferry.

The strangely deserted ship, that seems populated only by a ghostly crew, the brothers and the narrator, provides a haunting setting, sailing between two worlds and two cultures, between reality and the imagination.